Episode 14: Families, Business and Family Businesses with Steve Legler

The Richard Dri Podcast


Steve Legler is a family enterprise advisor designate, CFA charter holder, and family legacy advisor based out of Montreal. Steve is the founder of Shift Your Family Business, as well as the author of the book of the same name.

The Alberta Business Family Institute estimated that family businesses generate approximately 60% of Canada’s GDP, hiring 6 million part- and full-time employees and creating 70% of new jobs. However, a large majority of these family businesses never persist longer than a single generation. At Shift Your Family Business, Steve works with these small business owners to ensure that their companies’ legacies last more than a lifetime.

In this episode, Steve discusses his own experiences growing up in a family business, explains why so many of these small companies fail in the long term, and emphasizes how key communication is in ensuring an intergenerational legacy.

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