Doing Improv while Developing Family Governance

Are Messages Getting Lost in Translation?
This week I’m on…
September 24, 2021/by Steve Legler

No Room for Judgement When Working with Families

Coaching and Podcasting Combine for Lessons
Ideas for…
September 17, 2021/by Steve Legler

Yes, AND… Don’t Neglect the Follow-Through

It All Comes Down to Implementation
Back in June in Skills…
September 10, 2021/by Steve Legler

When a Nudge is Better than a Shove

When a Nudge is Better than a Shove
Forcing People to…
September 3, 2021/by Steve Legler

Family Communication: A Work-in-Progress Marathon

It’s Never a “One and Done” Deal
The most important…
August 27, 2021/by T Riman

Revealing a Family System to Itself

Can You See What I See?
As someone who works with enterprising…
August 20, 2021/by T Riman

Hope – Not a Strategy, But a Strength

It’s Never Sufficient, But Always Welcome
Writing a…
August 13, 2021/by Steve Legler

Consensus Decisions for Families – 2 Basic Elements

How Are We Going to Make Decisions Together?
In this space…
August 6, 2021/by Steve Legler

What Colour Is Your Cape?

Yet Another Inspiring Conference
My favourite conference…
July 30, 2021/by Steve Legler

Sibling Partnerships: Good, Bad, or Ugly

Examples of Each Type Abound
Anyone who has spent any time…
July 23, 2021/by Steve Legler

Spotting Issues Before They Become Problems in FamBiz

It’s More Than Just a Semantic Difference
Sometimes the…
July 16, 2021/by Steve Legler

The “Family HUG” We’re All Looking For

Most Enterprising Families Want the Same Things
I love…
July 9, 2021/by Steve Legler

Avoiding Adversarial Relationships in your Enterprising Family

Green and Yellow Are OK; Red? Lookout!
Having recently been…
July 2, 2021/by Steve Legler

Intergenerational Challenges in All 3 Circles

Getting Inside Family, Business, and Ownership
June 25, 2021/by Steve Legler

Discovery, Contracting, and Designing Alliances with Families

Nice to Meet You; Let’s Start Working Together
June 18, 2021/by Steve Legler

Surviving Turbulence in Family Business Transition

June 18, 2021/by Steve Legler

Skills vs. Knowledge in Family Enterprises

Knowing “What to Do” Isn’t Enough
This week’s subject…
June 11, 2021/by Steve Legler

The Art of Gathering your Family

It’s More Art than Science
This blog idea has been simmering…
June 4, 2021/by Steve Legler
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