Direction Comes Before Destination for Families

Admittedly a Little Bit Counter-Intuitive

In last week’s…
August 5, 2022/by Steve Legler

Starting Fast and Moving Slow, Overcoming Resistance in Family Systems Conversations

August 1, 2022/by Steve Legler

Fantastic Parts, an Even Greater Whole Community

Coming Down from a Rocky Mountain High
Over the years since…
July 29, 2022/by Steve Legler

Author of ‘Interdependent Wealth’ Talks About Family Systems Theory

July 27, 2022/by Steve Legler

Starting a Family Council: Some Assembly Required

Figuring Out Who Belongs Where
Working with families who are…
July 22, 2022/by Steve Legler

Looking Forward Together as an Enterprising Family

Are We All Looking Forward to the Same Thing?
Recently while…
July 15, 2022/by Steve Legler

The Challenges of Working with a “Flat FOOT” Enterprise

July 13, 2022/by Steve Legler

Making Decisions in an Ever-Changing World

July 12, 2022/by Steve Legler

Can the Family Actually Implement your Ideas?

A Key Question you NEED to Ask
Many of the professionals with…
July 8, 2022/by Steve Legler

Finding the Liquidity Sweet Spot for your Family

Searching for the “Goldilocks Zone”

These weekly missives…
July 1, 2022/by Steve Legler

Chemistry Versus Geography in Advising Families

My Favourite High School Subject Is Irrelevant Now
It’s amazing…
June 24, 2022/by Steve Legler

Some Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda’s for Family Enterprises

So Many Questions, So Little Time
As much as I enjoy speaking…
June 17, 2022/by Steve Legler

Overdue 4-D Connections at FEC Symposium

Overdue 4-D Connections at FEC Symposium

So Refreshing after…
June 10, 2022/by Steve Legler

Curiosity as the Antidote to Assumptions in Families

We All Know What Happens When We Assume
For me it was Mr. McGee,…
June 3, 2022/by Steve Legler

Facing Up to Addiction in Family Enterprise – 5 Considerations

Entering Uncharted Territory
This week we’re entering some…
May 27, 2022/by Steve Legler

Progressing Up the Family Governance Mountain

It’s Usually a Slow Journey to the Top
As the world returns…
May 20, 2022/by Steve Legler

Working Out the Family Dynamics – Before Vs. After

Working Out the Family Dynamics – Before Vs. After

My Bias…
May 13, 2022/by Steve Legler

Can Communication Really Be Overrated in a Family Enterprise?

Aren’t the Three Rules “Communicate, communicate, communicate”?
May 6, 2022/by Steve Legler
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