Being Curious, to Avoid Becoming Furious

A Relation Beyond the Rhyme
Many of my weekly missives begin…
May 17, 2024/by Steve Legler

Sustainability and ESG in Family Enterprises

May 15, 2024/by Steve Legler

Building Processing Time into your Process

Things Always Take Longer – And That’s Okay
It’s now been…
May 10, 2024/by Steve Legler

The Two Most Essential Components of FamBiz Ownership

Owning a Family Enterprise Has Many Facets
This week we’re…
May 3, 2024/by Steve Legler

The Synergies of Structure and Discipline

Two Key Elements Working Together
As someone who shares my thoughts…
April 26, 2024/by Steve Legler

Addition by Subtraction in the Family Business

Sometimes Less Really Is More
This week we’re looking at a…
April 19, 2024/by Steve Legler

Where to Begin with Family Transition Work

There Are Lots of Ways to Get Started
Over the years since I…
April 12, 2024/by Steve Legler

The Family Office Navigator

April 9, 2024/by Steve Legler

Avoiding a Total Eclipse of the Family

Many Families Include Someone Who Blocks the View
This week…
April 5, 2024/by Steve Legler

A Different Look at Process Versus Content

A Look Behind the Scenes
The work I do with enterprising families…
March 29, 2024/by Steve Legler

Family Conflict Isn’t Always Negative

Irrational Fear Gets in the Way of Progress
More often than…
March 22, 2024/by Steve Legler

Learning to Loosen Your Grip on Things

Letting Go Suddenly Can Be Difficult
As I was preparing for…
March 15, 2024/by Steve Legler

Seeking Resources to Get Back On Kilter

Does My Title Leave You Disgruntled?
This week we’re looking…
March 8, 2024/by T Riman

Bringing the Weather (and a Deck of Cards)

What Can a Leader Bring to a Meeting?
This week we’re going…
March 1, 2024/by Steve Legler

An Abnormal Amount of Normalizing

So Many Families Think They’re Alone
Recently I realized that…
February 23, 2024/by Steve Legler

Using the “Meeting # 0” Concept with Families

Co-Creating How You Will Be Together
Last week in Setting Expectations…
February 16, 2024/by T Riman

Setting Expectations for Regular Meetings with Family

What People Like to Know Beforehand
Whenever experts share what’s…
February 9, 2024/by Steve Legler

The Man in the Family Business Arena

On Dealing with Criticism in Family Enterprise
This week we’re…
February 2, 2024/by Steve Legler
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