Using the “Meeting # 0” Concept with Families

Co-Creating How You Will Be Together
Last week in Setting Expectations…
February 16, 2024/by T Riman

Setting Expectations for Regular Meetings with Family

What People Like to Know Beforehand
Whenever experts share what’s…
February 9, 2024/by Steve Legler

The Man in the Family Business Arena

On Dealing with Criticism in Family Enterprise
This week we’re…
February 2, 2024/by Steve Legler

Knowledge Vs. Skill in Family Meetings and on the Water

Back to the Water for More Analogies
A few of weeks ago, in…
January 26, 2024/by Steve Legler

Making Yet Another Case for Family Enterprise

Back to Vermont in January, Again
My annual calendar of events…
January 19, 2024/by Steve Legler

S1:E27 | Cultivating Belonging & Trust Through Filmmaking

January 18, 2024/by T Riman

Revisiting “Should vs. Could” When Advising Families

The Field Continues to Evolve
During the past decade or so,…
January 12, 2024/by Steve Legler

The Best of 2023 (A Retrospective)

January 10, 2024/by T Riman

Diving into a Family System Without Making a Splash

Observing First to Understand
Having inherited a penchant for…
January 5, 2024/by Steve Legler

Proactive and Intentional, Hold the Aggressiveness

Finding the Right Level Is Key
One of the aspects of my current…
December 29, 2023/by T Riman

Living your Legacy, Before You Leave It

It’s Not a Chicken and Egg Situation
Legacy is one of those…
December 22, 2023/by Steve Legler

Our People Are Our Strategy, Family Version

Another Look at Human Capital, Family Style
Over the years I’ve…
December 15, 2023/by Steve Legler

Turning Need into Demand – Lessons from Big Pharma

Testing My Message for Resonance
I recently returned from a…
December 8, 2023/by Steve Legler

Doing Your MBWA in the Family Business

Whenever I share my personal backstory, I…
December 1, 2023/by Steve Legler

Not Everyone Wants to Be Hugged

It’s Not as Universal as You Might Think
The inspirations…
November 24, 2023/by Steve Legler

Chemistry Is a Two-Way Street

A Good Fit Must Work Both Ways
For people like me who work on…
November 17, 2023/by Steve Legler

Working With Family Relationship Systems

November 15, 2023/by Steve Legler

Onboarding those Who “Marry In” to a Family’s Governance

Colleagues in Search of Articles
I recently received an email…
November 10, 2023/by Steve Legler
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