Do Family Businesses Really Fail by the 3rd Generation?

Taking a Fresh Look at an Old Saying
This week we’re dealing…
December 9, 2022/by Steve Legler

Sustaining Family Ownership Through Generations

The Essential Element Required
It can sometimes be difficult…
December 2, 2022/by Steve Legler

Make Sure Happiness Is a By-Product, Not the Goal

Some Useful Parenting Advice 
Every so often, I’m lucky enough…
November 25, 2022/by Steve Legler

From Multidisciplinary Field to Interdisciplinary Ecosystem

The Continuing Evolution of Our Professional Space
November 18, 2022/by Steve Legler

Philanthropy as a Doorway to Family Governance

Finding a Reason for Organized Family Discussions
Every week…
November 11, 2022/by Steve Legler

Enabling Next Generation Legacies

November 8, 2022/by Steve Legler

Now What? After the Great Meeting

Following Up After the Big Meeting is the Key
“Now what”,…
November 4, 2022/by Steve Legler

The Iterative Cycles of Family Wealth Continuity Planning

It’s All Interconnected and It Never Really Ends
Every week…
October 24, 2022/by Steve Legler

Where’s the Puck: Family Wealth Hockey Analogies

A New Season Is Upon Us, So…
As another season of Canada’s…
October 17, 2022/by T Riman

Getting your MBA to Lead your FamBiz? 5 Things to Consider

A Road Well Travelled.
The idea of going to do your MBA in order…
October 14, 2022/by Steve Legler

Should I Join My Family Business?

A Big Question, Well Worth Considering

Given the number of…
October 7, 2022/by Steve Legler

All Eyes on You in the Meeting

Holding the Power of the Process
I’ve just returned from a…
September 30, 2022/by Steve Legler

Varying Time Factors in Each of the Three Circles

Business, Family, and Ownership Each Have Their Own “Clock”.
September 23, 2022/by Steve Legler

Thinking Straight When Feelings Are So Strong

A Country Song Sparks a Blog – Again!
Whenever I get an idea…
September 16, 2022/by Steve Legler

How Family Businesses Stay Ahead

September 13, 2022/by Steve Legler

You Can’t Start Too Early – Or Can You

It’s Never Too Early nor Too Late – But….
This week we’re…
September 9, 2022/by Steve Legler

Goosebumps from a Goose Encounter of the Close Kind

Human Insights from a Family of Geese.
When people ask me about…
September 2, 2022/by Steve Legler

Family Unity: Uniformity Is NOT Required

They Both Begin with “Uni”, but Are Very Different
August 26, 2022/by Steve Legler
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