Balancing Governance and Culture in Family Enterprise

Developing the Leadership to Find the Right Mix
Colleagues sometimes…
December 3, 2021/by T Riman

Agreements Gathering Dust: Bad vs. Good

A Necessary Evil Worth Getting Right
Working with enterprising…
November 26, 2021/by T Riman

Finding Better Labels for People in FamBiz

What You Call People DOES Matter
Like most areas we…
November 19, 2021/by T Riman

The give and take of family coaching, from someone who’s been there

November 15, 2021/by T Riman

My “Role / Goal / Control” Life Hack

A Shortcut for “In the Moment” Challenges
Most of what…
November 12, 2021/by Steve Legler

The “Changing People” Dilemma in Enterprising Families

Both Ways of Doing It Are Tough
It’s not often that I’ll…
November 5, 2021/by Steve Legler

All FamBiz Are Different, And All the SAME

All FamBiz Are Different, And All the SAME

Lots of Ways to…
October 29, 2021/by Steve Legler

The “Good/Fast/Cheap” Quandary in Family Enterprise

An Old One, But a Good One
Writing a weekly missive here gives…
October 22, 2021/by T Riman

What’s Right > Who’s Right

Another Hurdle in Moving to Democratic Decision-Making
As I…
October 15, 2021/by Steve Legler

On Everyone’s Mind and Nobody’s Agenda

Too Many Important Subjects Don’t Get Discussed
Everyone is…
October 8, 2021/by Steve Legler

Beware the Quick Fix when Working with Families

Spotting Something “Wrong” Is the Easy Part
Every once in…
October 1, 2021/by T Riman

Doing Improv while Developing Family Governance

Are Messages Getting Lost in Translation?
This week I’m on…
September 24, 2021/by Steve Legler

No Room for Judgement When Working with Families

Coaching and Podcasting Combine for Lessons
Ideas for…
September 17, 2021/by Steve Legler

Yes, AND… Don’t Neglect the Follow-Through

It All Comes Down to Implementation
Back in June in Skills…
September 10, 2021/by Steve Legler

When a Nudge is Better than a Shove

When a Nudge is Better than a Shove
Forcing People to…
September 3, 2021/by Steve Legler

Peer organizations, both old and new, move the industry ahead in service of families

September 2, 2021/by T Riman

Family Communication: A Work-in-Progress Marathon

It’s Never a “One and Done” Deal
The most important…
August 27, 2021/by T Riman

Revealing a Family System to Itself

Can You See What I See?
As someone who works with enterprising…
August 20, 2021/by T Riman
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