Education as a Prescription for Discomfort

A Convoluted but Useful Conclusion
Last week we looked at the…
September 29, 2023/by Steve Legler

Liberal Arts Vs. STEM Skills to Serve Families

Slotting the Right People into the Right Roles
Serving families…
September 22, 2023/by Steve Legler

Serving Families: Detective Skills Required

A Variety of Skills Are Needed 
Working with enterprising families…
September 15, 2023/by Steve Legler

Let’s Talk Family Enterprise Podcast – Episode 50 | Wealth 3.0

September 12, 2023/by Steve Legler

Appreciating the GEM’s of your Organisation

Applies to Businesses, Families, and Everything Else
After chairing…
September 8, 2023/by Steve Legler

Reveling in Revelatory Family Situations

Always Seeking to Uncover New Information
There are many concepts…
August 31, 2023/by Steve Legler

The Special Sovereignty of the “G1”

Most People Prefer Being No.1 to Being No.2
Every once in a…
August 25, 2023/by Steve Legler

Finding the Solution in the Mirror

It’s Often Right in Front of Your Nose
Although I personally…
August 18, 2023/by Steve Legler

Another Rocky Mountain Connection High

RendezVous’23 Raises the Bar (Again)
Every summer since 2014…
August 11, 2023/by Steve Legler

When the Parents’ Dream Becomes their Kids’ Nightmare

Just the Way “WE” Always Wanted It
In many ways this post…
August 4, 2023/by Steve Legler

Looking Family Enterprise Advising in the Mouth

Serving the Needs of “Enterprising Families” Varies Greatly
July 28, 2023/by Steve Legler

Supporting Roles in the Family Enterprise

Not Everyone Can Be the CEO
In the world of family enterprises…
July 21, 2023/by Steve Legler

How Do We Serve Thee – Let Me Count the Ways

Experts Playing in Many Different Sandboxes
During the decade…
July 14, 2023/by Steve Legler

Stewardship for Enterprising Families

July 12, 2023/by Steve Legler

New Labels for Three Circles with Similar Results

Family-Business-Ownership Has Its Limits
The ecosystem of professionals…
July 7, 2023/by Steve Legler

Leaving a Legacy They’ll Be Proud Of

You WILL Leave a Legacy, Like It or Not
This week I want to…
June 30, 2023/by Steve Legler

Enjoying Many Finales While Avoiding “Finally!”

Fun with Similar Words, Part Umpteen
My wife and I were recently…
June 23, 2023/by Steve Legler

Stepwise Planning for Family Enterprise Transition Work

You Can Only Plan So Far Ahead
This week we’re looking at…
June 16, 2023/by Steve Legler
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