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  • As a younger family member, do you just know that there are subjects that you should be discussing as a family, about making plans for an eventual wealth transition?

    It’s never too early to begin to prepare, and I can help you make progress here, even if nobody else is currently willing to listen.

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  • Are you an advisor to family clients facing upcoming challenges as you work to prepare their wealth transition? Are the family dynamics planned for too?

    The best advisors are those who bring the right people to the table, from both the family and the advisor side

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Individual Coaching

If you’re part of an enterprising family, it’s sometimes hard for your voice to be heard by the others.  Is it them; is it you? It’s probably some of both.
Working with a professional coach is a great way to sort through all these thoughts and come up with a plan for dealing with all of the important things that you just know the family should be addressing.
Let’s set up a call to discuss this and see if we’re a fit for each other; no obligation of course.

Collaborating with Professional Advisors

Professionals who work with families on their business matters can quickly get drawn into areas that involve family dynamics, where they suddenly feel like they’re beyond their depth.

That’s normal, as you probably never trained for this and may be wary of actually making things worse if you get involved.

Bringing in an outside person who gets it, who is trained for it and who can allow you to step back a bit can be the ultimate win-win-win.

Family Coaching and Facilitation

You may be part of a sibling group preparing to eventually take over, or maybe people from more than one generation need to work out how an eventual transition will work best.
Having a trained, neutral person come in to coach you and facilitate your meetings can make all the difference.

Bringing in a skilled and neutral 3rd party brings in clarity, which will lead to harmony.

Steve’s New Book on Family Business


Steve is a proud FEA Designate (IFEA) and holds ACBFA and ACFWA certifications (FFI), in addition to having an MBA (UWO-Ivey) He is also a CFA charterholder (CFA Institute), and the author of Shift your Family Business (Friesen Press, 2014)

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Bringing in a skilled and neutral 3rd party brings in clarity, which will lead to harmony.


Stop working in your family business
and start working on your business family

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Different people have different points of view, amounts of information and ways of communicating. To share or not share. Openness in giving and receiving feedback. Who speaks first! The different stakeholders in a family often have trouble simply knowing how to start talking.

Who I Work With

Most of this website is geared towards families who are involved in the ownership and management of an operating business, so pretty much everything is aimed at this group of people.