STOP working in your family BUSINESS,
START working on your business FAMILY

Some families will already have gone through a “liquidity event” or sale, and will have slightly different priorities.

In many ways, these situations are simpler, but sometimes these families think that there is nothing left to manage, because all of their assets are now liquid.

In fact, having liquid assets will certainly look simpler, but that brings along with it a vastly different set of realities that need to be dealt with, since the assets now seem so much more flexible and available, which of course they are.

All the more reason to take the time to organize things wisely, and ensure that the family governance structure is set up to handle these assets.

Most of this website is geared towards families who are involved in the ownership and management of an operating business, so pretty much everything is aimed at this group of people

Very few business families have any professional help that specializes in the family side of things, but they all have professionals who advise them on business matters.

Because of this, I am often introduced to families through one of their existing trusted advisors. This is a normal occurrence, and I understand that everyone has a role to play, and I am not looking to replace other advisors.

In order to get everything set up properly for a family, a variety of different professionals, with numerous specialties, are required.

As the “family specialist”, it is often my job to make sure that all of the proposed solutions from the other professionals are actually understood by the family, in order to ensure that the solutions are the best fit for the family’s needs

“If you own a family business and want to read a fun book on how to become a business family you will enjoy this one. It is written from the business owner perspective and is straightforward. I’ve shared my copy with a number of people.”

If you are in a Family Business or you deal with a Family Business, and you are so busy that you cannot see the forest because of the trees, I would highly recommend you take some time and read this book. It reads very quickly and feels as if you are having a conversation with a friend of the family who understands what you are going through because he has gone through it with his own family. Very enlightening, very clear, and actually fun to read!

I strongly recommend anyone that has a family business to read this book. Steve Legler will open your eyes as to what it takes to run a successful family business all while keeping family harmony. He provides lots of tips and advice in a way that is easy to understand. You can really feel his enthusiasm in the way he writes, and how he is committed to helping business families create the legacy and family spirit they really want.