About Steve Legler

I was born into a family business, and as the only son of an immigrant entrepreneur, it became clear very early on, that I was expected to follow in Dad’s footsteps. So every summer of my teens and the first three years of my work life after university were spent learning everything I could about the business.

I returned again after getting my MBA, more ready than ever for the challenges that awaited me. But then, unexpectedly, within six months, we sold the business to a competitor, and went from 250 people to only four. And two of us went by the name Steve Legler.

Since I was Junior, Dad called the shots and started spending most of his time on his new venture, a small farm, leaving me to manage the remaining family assets in our holding companies: real estate, investments, and intellectual property.

It was not a bad job to have, as I learned a lot about business from my Dad, furthered my formal education along the way, and had what my sisters surely considered one of the cushiest jobs on the planet.

My Dad understood a little about the importance of keeping the entire family abreast of the business, and for that reason he once called a family meeting. Unfortunately, he never called another one over the subsequent 20 years, and then only did so after his cancer diagnosis.

Along the way, I also married into a business family, and I have seen some of the communications challenges that they have faced over the years.

I now realize more than ever how important good communication is for families who want their legacy to continue, as it is tranferred to future generations.

and respect.

“If you own a family business and want to read a fun book on how to become a business family you will enjoy this one. It is written from the business owner perspective and is straightforward. I’ve shared my copy with a number of people.”

If you are in a Family Business or you deal with a Family Business, and you are so busy that you cannot see the forest because of the trees, I would highly recommend you take some time and read this book. It reads very quickly and feels as if you are having a conversation with a friend of the family who understands what you are going through because he has gone through it with his own family. Very enlightening, very clear, and actually fun to read!

I strongly recommend anyone that has a family business to read this book. Steve Legler will open your eyes as to what it takes to run a successful family business all while keeping family harmony. He provides lots of tips and advice in a way that is easy to understand. You can really feel his enthusiasm in the way he writes, and how he is committed to helping business families create the legacy and family spirit they really want.