Episode 7 – What Did Steve Do When His Father Sold the Business? with Steve Legler

Episode 7 - What Did Steve Do When His Father Sold the Business?

Joining Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor is Steve Legler. Steve is from Montreal, Canada, and he shares a little background about himself, especially in the family business side of things.

Steve Legler is a Family Legacy Coach and Advisor at TSI Heritage. Steve works with people who work in family businesses doing one-on-one as a coach. He helps business families as a facilitator, assisting communications between various family members and bringing people and issues together.

He is also an author of two books called Shift Your Family Business and Independent Wealth.

To find out more about Steve Legler and what he’s up to, please visit his website at https://stevelegler.com/. You can subscribe to his newsletter and blogs for free on the website.

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