Steve Legler on Transitioning your Legacy on to Future Generations: The ROI Online Podcast Ep. 87

Working in or dealing with a family business can get rough and messy. In this episode of the ROI Online Podcast, author of Shift Your Family Business Steve Legler talks about the importance of creating the harmony you need to support the legacy you want.Steve Legler was born into a family business and also married into one.

He learned along the way how important good communication is for families who want their legacy to continue as the business is transferred to future generations. Now, he’s a coach and advisor who works with business families and their members to ensure a successful transition.

People work really hard their whole life to build a business and a legacy for their families. They dream about working together but forget how messy it is to mix family relationships with business. If you want your family business to succeed, Steve can help. Among other things, Steve Brown and Steve Legler discussed: The reason behind Steve L’s affinity for coaching families.