19: The Family Business Myth and the Hero’s Journey


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Guest host Steve Legler speaks with Guillermo Salazar, Founder and Managing Director of Exaudi Family Business Consulting to explore the Family Business Myth, the Hero’s Journey and the importance of storytelling when working with family businesses.

They discuss the importance of a family narrative around the history of the family business as a way to begin the process of creating a cohesive, shared vision for the generations who will take the family into the future, with a particular focus on how FEAs can be catalysts for these types of conversations with their clients.

Guest bio

As Founder and Managing Director of Exaudi Family Business Consulting, Guillermo has helped many business families in the different processes towards the transition of their legacy; integrating new generations and implementing methodologies that create sustainable businesses and align the vision of the family and its values. For over 18 years he has guided business families in Latin America, Europe and the United States in the process of designing family protocols, professionalization processes, effective decision-making and conflict resolution through proven models and methodologies.

You can find out more about Guillermo Salazar here.

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