Exploring Great Expectations in Family Enterprises with Steve Legler

Enterprising Families Podcast

Episode Description
Family Legacy Advisor Steve Legler joins Tsitsi Mutendi to discuss the Great expectations in Enterprising Families.

About Steve Legler : Steve Legler is a Family Legacy Advisor based in Montreal, Canada.

He grew up in a business family, destined to take over the company his father had founded before he was born.

After an unexpected liquidity event that occurred while he was still in his 20’s, he ended up managing their family office instead.

He also married into a business family, where he has witnessed a number of other complex issues.

In 2013 he stumbled upon the Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA) program in Canada, which turned in to career-changing calling for him.

Since then, he has been working with other business families as they face the challenges surrounding their intergenerational transitions.