Feature: The give and take of family coaching, from someone who’s been there

Steve Legler helps contentious business families see themselves in a fresh light

Steve Legler’s clarifying moment – the one that would define his career – came about after his family sold the business that he had been destined to take over.

He ended up running the family office instead. But soon everything would crystallize: “I found a place where my unique circumstances that I grew up with, and what I’m interested in and what I’m good at, all came together.”

Today Legler is a family legacy guide based in Montreal and author of the books SHIFT Your Family Business and Interdependent Wealth: How Family Systems Theory Illuminates Successful Intergenerational Wealth Transitions . He is a designated Family Enterprise Advisor and a former chartered financial analyst with an MBA and a specialty in one-on-one coaching and conflict resolution for enterprise families.

Canadian Family Offices recently spoke with Legler about family businesses, builders, inheritors and making it all work.

What is a family legacy guide?

A family legacy guide is someone who works with families to help guide them to successfully transition their business, their wealth and their legacy from one generation to the next.

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