What if there is tension and conflict in my family business?

Inception Family Wealth Hour

Host Chris Delaney, Author, Speaker & Podcaster, author of The Naked Opus: Growing Your Family Wealth for the Long Term interviews Steve Legler.

Steve is a Family Enterprise Advisor, Coach, Facilitator and Mediator. He is also the author of two family business books – “Shift Your Family Business” and “Interdependent Wealth”. He can be reached at this website: https://stevelegler.com/contact/

This week, he will be discussing a wide variety of topics including:

  • Bowen Family Systems theory;
  • managing conflict and tension in the family business;
  • the destructive and creative potential of family wealth;
  • the importance of family meetings;
  • the role of a facilitator in family meetings;
  • how he works as a Family Enterprise Advisor and much more………